Jan Ykens. The Family of Darius before Alexander


The Instituto Moll, located in Madrid, is a Centre for Research in Flemish Painting. It has been founded by Editorial Prensa Ibérica, S.A. (currently Proviso 1812, S.A) and it is managed by Epiarte. Our main objective is to encourage the study and also the knowledge of this pictorial school, as well as its connection with Spain from the 15th to the 18th century. It is well known the close link between the Flemish Art and the Iberian Peninsula since the 16th century and the way it influenced our culture.

Our lines of activity are:

To Preserve, to study and to spread the painting collection from the Modern Age belonging to Epiarte, a unique pictorial set in the Spanish Cultural Heritage.

To promote the study and knowledge of Flemish art, as well as its impact on the Spanish art and culture.

To publish the conclusions of all of those research projects carried out by the Instituto Moll, undertaking several editorial lines, among which the monographs dedicated to Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens, together with Philostrato. Journal of History and Art, stand out. 

To encourage the contact between the Instituto Moll and Universities and Centres for Research from all over the world, improving student interships and also the reception of external researchers.