Pieter Snijers. A boy drawing in a garden

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Research Department
Dr Ana Diéguez-Rodríguez

She got her PhD in Art History by the Santiago de Compostela University with her Cum Laude thesis about The Flemish Painting in the 16th Century in the North of Spain. She awarded a scholarship for the Flemish and Dutch painting department at the Museo del Prado (Madrid) and for the education department and photography archive at the Provincial Museum of Pontevedra. 

Magdala García Sánchez de la Barreda

With a degree in Art History from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Mrs García Sánchez de la Barreda attended doctorate courses focused on paintings of the 16th and 17th centuries at this university and at the Prado Museum. She studied Restoration of artworks at CEROA in Madrid where she also achieved to conduct classes of Art History and Restoration theory.

Dr Matías Díaz Padrón (1935-2022)