Pieter Snijers. A boy drawing in a garden

Documentary Holdings

Documentary holdings

Located in Madrid from its inception, the Instituto Moll has a library specialised in all of those matters linked to its lines of research. At present, this library has gathered more than 300 volumes and it is available for researchers, upon request by email or telephone contact with those in charge of the Centre.

Its holdings include exhibition catalogues, conference proceedings, monographs on great painters, dictionaries of artists and specialised papers written in various languages. All of these data is complemented by several images coming from the private Archives of Professor Díaz Padrón and Mrs Aída Padrón Mérida, now collected in the Photo Library of the Instituto Moll. Those original photographs of Flemish and Spanish paintings, mostly in black and white, constitute a valuable graphic record of pieces whose current whereabouts are unkown.