Frans Francken II. The Tower of Babel



Writings on Rubens.


Dr Matías Díaz Padrón


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Description This book gathers a selection of the most significant papers and studies that Matías Díaz Padrón has dedicated to the work by Peter Paul Rubens in Spain from 1964 to 2019. It have been chosen those publications that, at the time, were important discoveries and milestones for understanding the work by Peter Paul Rubens in relation with Spain and the court of Philip IV. The compilation has also taken into account the difficulty of accessing some of these texts in out-of-print and scattered editions. In other cases, the specific analysis of a painting of singular quality, has motivated its reproduction in this selection.

Under the title Scripta Selecta, the Instituto Moll starts, with this first volume dedicated to Rubens, a series of books, with the aim of compiling the most significant production by Matías Díaz Padrón. With this, it is intended to facilitate access to these studies to researchers and readers interested in the history of art in Spain, as well as to highlight the continuous and relevant contribution by Matías Díaz Padrón to the Spanish historiography.