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Jacob Jordaens y España


Dr Matías Díaz Padrón (1935-2022)

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Description Jacob Jordaens (Antwerp, 1593-1678), one of the great Flemish painters belonging to the Rubens’s immediate environment, is the one to whom Díaz Padrón devoted many years of research in order to demonstrate that the links between him and Spain were more evident than they were thought to be. This book, edited and splendidly illustrated in two volumes by Epiarte, The Instituto Moll, is the result of this research. Throughout its pages, readers will access an essay focused on analysing the aforementioned connection between the painter and the Spanish atmosphere, firstly by means of Peter Paul Rubens and then through the different Governors of Flanders, also remembering the importance of the Jordaens’s compositions which arrived to Spain through the tapestries based on his designs. This is a profuse catalogue raisonné on the paintings by Jordaens preserved both at Spain and abroad and which have had an strong connection with the Spanish milieu. Readers will also know the Jordaens’s working methods, his sources of inspiration and the different ways he used to solve commissions.
Jordaens’s compositions, which were closed to the Flemish traditions and customs, such as a great vitality and the exaltation of the daily life, even those ones about religion, were assumed in both Spain and the territories under its control, as it is proved by Díaz Padrón in this book. Jordaens’s works of art arrived to Spain through not only the court but also the major noble families and the bourgeoisie, who considered tapestries as the most appropriate motifs to decorate their palaces. Finally, it is remarkable that Jordaens’s religious compositions located in Spain are preserved in Andalucia even nowadays.